Manufacturing is at the heart of Tritium Technical Solutions. With a vast array of fabrication and manufacturing capabilities both stateside and overseas, we are equipped for any assembly run. Whether you need 10 units or 10 million Tritium is here to help.

Manufacturing and Fabrication Technologies Stateside (USA):

  • Electronics
    • PCB Fabrication (state of the art highest tolerances available)
    • High Speed SMD Pick and Place Assembly
    • Solder Reflow
    • Automated Through-hole Assembly
    • Automated Testing and Pass/Fail Assessments
    • Rapid Prototyping Equipment
  • Fabrication
    • CNC Milling
    • High Resolution 3D Printing (Small and Large Volume)
    • Plastic Injection Molding
    • Vacuum Forming
    • Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass Composite Fabrication (Lamination and Vacuum Infusion)
    • Laser Cutting and Marking
    • Waterjet Cutting

Manufacturing and Fabrication Technologies Overseas:

  • Electronics
    • High and Low Volume, High Quality Production House
    • Cable and Harness Assembly
    • Automated BGA Assembly
    • Through Hole Assembly
    • Automated Inspection and X-Ray Technologies
    • Overseas Engineering Staff
    • Custom IC, ASIC, and LED Fabrication